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How to keep that Gazelle Intensity you had in the beginning?

I'm sure we all remember the intensity we felt when we first started this way of eating. Some of us started because of a medical diagnosis and some may have started for weight loss and other health benefits. We were so driven, so focused on the end goal that we did not waiver. We couldn't waiver.

Gazelle Intensity is a term coined by Dave Ramsey. It refers to the speed and intensity used in paying off debt or adding to savings. For this community I see it in the form of "How fast can I get healthy?" or "How fast can I lose weight?"

This initial drive to succeed can last months or years and even a lifetime, but what happens when you loose sight of the end goal? What happens when we get almost there? and What happens when we hit that speedbump along the way?

Speedbumps- How do you recover?

Over the months and years like some of us I've hit many speed bumps in the road.

My simplest answer on how to recover from a speedbump is with your next bite. That is great advice but even I have challenges that derail my best efforts. It may take a few attempts but when I finally listen to my own advice, I follow a few set steps.

  1. I have a set meal that indicates I am back in control. I noticed that every real attempt to eat for my health always started with the same meal. Fresh garlic and onion sauteed in olive oil and butter. Add in chicken breast and red or green bell peppers. A little salt and pepper and serve over a large salad. Onion, garlic, bell peppers can cause inflammation for me. I limit or avoid those now and found a new set meal. Now it's steak and eggs. Specifically, ribeye steak. Grill with butter and olive oil drizzled over the top and eggs over easy cooked in butter.
  2. Drink unsweetened green tea before my first bite in the morning.
  3. Drink 1 full glass of ketorade before my last bite in the evening.
  4. Walk 22 minutes after every meal. 22 minutes, not 20. Setting the goal at 22 minutes changes how I think about the exercise. It is easier for me to stay on the couch when I plan a walk for 15-20 minutes like recommended. Planning a walk for 22 minutes adds a layer of commitment.

When you are almost there.

My goal is to have an A1c under 5.0. My last reading was 5.4, so close. My family is happy with it. My Dr is happy with it. Maybe I don't need to keep trying so hard and can ease up a bit? When you are almost there losing sight of your end goal can derail you for years. Maybe this 5.4 is where I need to stop. Maybe easing up my gazelle intensity won't lead to a 4 year hiatus?

I feel I'm close to my goal and keeping my focus can be harder at times. Some of what I do is so much easier. It's become such an integrated part of my life that eating another way would take more effort. Then there are times when my inner diet brain gets loose and well, I wouldn't be writing this blog if things went smoothly all the time.

So today I followed my own advice and made my first bite keto. It's a small step. I really wanted to cave and eat high carb junk, but I got up and got busy and before you know it I had gone the whole day with no speedbumps. Tomorrow I will repeat and maybe this weekend I'll get my steak!

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Written by Joy Syper
Published: December 10th, 2022

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