Dr. Zoë Harcombe PhD

Dr. Zoë Harcombe - 'What about fiber?

Does fiber make people healthy? Or do healthy people eat fiber?
Dr. Harcombe explores how the fiber craze started, what the evidence is that prompted the recommendations for daily intake, and fiber health claims.

Dr. Zoë Harcombe on the Mess: The Money vs. the Evidence

The mess really is the escalating cost of disease and medical cost that so many profit from, but no one is combatting disease effectively.
In her presentation, Dr. Zoë Harcombe outlines the many factors that contribute to this growing problem - specifically, the role of dietitians and the food and beverage industry in influencing how and what we eat, accreditation that regulates who can offer dietary advice, and the disparity between what we are told to eat and what the evidence suggests we should eat.