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The carbohydrate-insulin model: a physiological perspective on the obesity pandemic

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Effects of a carbohydrate-restricted diet on hepatic lipid content in adolescents with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A pilot, randomized trial

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The Effect of 6-months Fruit-rich Diet on Liver Steatosis, Liver Enzymes, Insulin Resistance, and Lipid Profile in Patients With Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: a Randomized Clinical Trial

ApoB: An Overrated Marker of Risk

Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after The Biggest Loser competition

Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after "The Biggest Loser" competition

Safety and Efficacy of Eucaloric Very Low-Carb Diet (EVLCD) in Type 1 Diabetes: A One-Year Real-Life Retrospective Experience

Two Year Clinical Trial Outcomes Provide Evidence for Long-Term Benefits of the Virta Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Can low-carbohydrate diets be recommended for reducing cardiovascular risk?

Effects of a low-carbohydrate diet on insulin-resistant dyslipoproteinemia-a randomized controlled feeding trial

The Latest Study on Red Meat & Heart Disease: A Red Herring


Dose-dependent effect of carbohydrate restriction for type 2 diabetes management: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Competing paradigms of obesity pathogenesis: energy balance versus carbohydrate-insulin models

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

The Surprising Reason Pop-Tarts Are Banned In Other Countries

Re-evaluation of the traditional diet-heart hypothesis: analysis of recovered data from Minnesota Coronary Experiment (1968-73)

Saturated Fats and Health: A Reassessment and Proposal for Food-Based Recommendations: JACC State-of-the-Art Review

Meat, Fish, Poultry, and Egg Intake at Diagnosis and Risk of Prostate Cancer Progression

Substitution of dietary protein sources in relation to colorectal cancer risk in the NIH-AARP cohort study

Only 7% of American Adults in Good Cardiometabolic Health

Interaction effect between NAFLD severity and high carbohydrate diet on gut microbiome alteration and hepatic de novo lipogenesis

Are You Sabotaging Your Heart With Statin Drugs?

Ecosystem Impacts and Productive Capacity of a Multi-Species Pastured Livestock System

Dairy Fats and Cardiovascular Disease: Do We Really Need to Be Concerned?

The Effect of Low-Fat and Low-Carbohydrate Diets on Weight Loss and Lipid Levels: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Does your doctor get money from drug companies? It's not easy to find out

Global, distinctive, and personal changes in molecular and microbial profiles by specific fibers in humans

The Ketogenic Diet for Refractory Mental Illness: A Retrospective Analysis of 31 Inpatients

Kellogg loses UK fight to block ban on sugary cereal promos

The Randle cycle revisited: a new head for an old hat

Re-framing the theory of autoimmunity in the era of the microbiome: persistent pathogens, autoantibodies, and molecular mimicry

Reply to G Taubes, MI Friedman, and V Torres-Carot et al

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