Dr. Paul Mason MD

Using low carbohydrate diets to improve insulin resistance and treat metabolic syndrome

What is good health? It is the absence of metabolic syndrome. Dr. Paul Mason explains five markers of metabolic syndrome and how they are affected by insulin resistance. He also explains what causes insulin resistance in the first place.

'Sunlight and health - from Vitamin D to Fish oil'

Dr. Mason says appropriate sun exposure is actually good for our health and militantly avoiding it probably causes more harm than good. In this lecture Dr. Mason explains how UV-A radiation from sunlight is protective. What we need to avoid is UV-B radiation. UV-B radiation is lowest, when the sun is lower in the sky, still with the full benefit of protective UV-A. Another option is to supplement with Vitamin D. In diabetic patients Metformin has been shown to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Nicotinamide seems to reduce the risk with a history of skin cancer.

'How iron deficiency and inflammation can make you fat - a female perspective'

Why do women lose less weight on a ketogenic diet than men? It's not always about hormones. It can also be an iron deficiency or sustained inflammation. The best source for iron in the diet is red meat.

'From fibre to the microbiome: low carb gut health'

Another insightful and entertaining talk by Dr. Paul Mason. He presents scientific data to show that fibre is not a necessity in a healthy diet and that there is not enough evidence that altering gut bacteria can lead to weight loss. He also explains what foods (even some low carb foods) cause constipation and bloating.