Useful Gadgets

Glucose Monitor

This monitor connects to iPhone and Android via Bluetooth. The app records readings and allows for entries like exercise, food etc.

Ketone Monitor

Testing blood ketones is more accurate then urine strips, especially after the body is better at using ketones.
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Blood pressure monitor

WIFI enabled blood pressure monitor, allows for multiple users. It is so accurate that it is used in clinical trials. USB rechargeable.

Body composition scale

The Withings WIFI body scale automatically uploads and tracks body composition markers like water, fat, bone, muscle mass, BMI, and of course weight.

Pulse oximeter

Measures oxygen saturation and heart rate by just placing the finger on the sensor.


The Dexcom G6 allows for continuous glucose monitoring with a minimal invasive sensor. It gives real time feedback on the affects of diet and exercise.

Food scale

When tracking macros, it is helpful to measure or weigh food. We recommend the Perfect Portions Digital Scale + Nutrition.