Keto products

Keto Chow Shakes

Well balanced meal replacement shakes with many flavour option. Sweet or savoury.

Keto Bricks

Perfect for the sweet tooth and to keep energy up. Bricks can be melted down for snack sized portions.

Vic's Low Carb Mix

Looking for a clean dough mix? This is it. Vic's Low Carb Mix Everything Dough | Pizza Crust, Bagels & More | Keto Baking Mix. Currently only available in Canada.


Great addition to flavour your daily water. It is crystallized lemon or lime, no additives, no sugar. One packet is the equivalent of 1 TBS of lemon or lime juice.

Lily's Chocolate

For baking or just to enjoy as a bar, they are low in carbs with no added sugar.

ChocXO Keto Snaps

Individually wrapped dark chocolate with coconut and almonds low in carbs.