Dr. Sten Ekberg DC

14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You

Dr. Sten Ekberg explains why these meds are not only not beneficial to treat diabetes, but they actually make Type 2 worse. These meds don't get rid of glucose, but they cram it into the cells. Oddly it seems that dietary changes are not even considered, while that is the only path to actually improve insulin resistance.

Top 10 Best Sweeteners & 10 Worst (Ultimate Guide)

Dr. Sten Ekberg talks about sweeteners. Caloric sweeteners are not food (highly processed and empty calories), may raise glucose levels and raise insulin. Fructose is stressful on the liver and increases insulin resistance. Artificial sweetener, even though it's controversial, it's probably one of the worst chemicals to ingest. Some sweeteners cause digestive issues.

Eat This For Massive Fasting Benefits

Dr. Sten Ekberg explains what foods to eat to maximize fasting effect. If our goal is not only weight loss but health, the best foods are those that address the root cause of metabolic disease and are most satiating.

Drink THIS For Massive Fasting Benefits - 15 Intermittent Fasting Drinks

Dr. Sten Ekberg explains what drinks work well with fasting, what drinks may be questionable and what will kick you out of ketosis. Some drinks depend on how sensitive you are and what your goals are. Sweet tastes may trigger a cephalic response. One way to test this is checking sugar levels before a diet soda and rechecking after. If sugar levels drop, it is due to an insulin spike.

Lose Belly Fat But Don't Do These Common Exercises! (5 Minute 10 Day Challenge)

Belly fat is a hormonal and metabolic condition. It is food that will drive fat loss, not exercise. But exercise is still very beneficial. Dr. Ekberg explains why we need exercise, how we should do it and what to absolutely avoid.