Dr. Ken Berry MD

The PROPER HUMAN DIET (11 Concepts You Need) 2021

We should base food choices on common sense, unprocessed when possible and ancestral appropriate.
What we eat and when we eat matters to our metabolic health. Following a proper human diet is ancestral appropriate.
Following the 11 concepts that Dr. Berry proposes in this video might help you reclaim your health.

Fruit is BAD?? (7 Serious FRUCTOSE Facts) 2021

Fruit has always been considered to be part of a healthy diet. But half of the sugar in fruit is fructose. Fructose, whether from processed food, juice, or modern fruit, is detrimental to liver health and increases metabolic disease. Just because fructose is natural, it is not healthy for metabolically sick people.

10 AUTOIMMUNE Conditions Benefit from CARNIVORE Diet (Research) 2021

Certain foods can trigger autoimmune diseases. The advice in the video can also be incorporated into other diets, it doesn't have to be carnivore. But certain foods need to be avoided. Legumes (including peanuts and plant-based protein shakes), onions, and garlic.