Dr. David Diamond PhD

Dr. David Diamond - 'An Assessment of Cardiovascular Risks of a Low Carbohydrate, High Fat Diet'

Is LDL the Bogeyman for low carb or ketogenic diet?
Dr. David Diamond says high LDL is healthy and we should under no circumstance lower LDL. To prove the risk, scientists manipulated the data. Not actually falsifying it, but with some mathematical alchemy they presented an over 400% increased risk of dying with high levels of LDL. But the actual differences of people in the study not dying was 99.7% for low LDL and 98.7% with the highest LDL. A measly 1% difference. The question is, why the deception? This level of deception is disturbing mind boggling.
Saving 1% is still a big number when looking at 100s of millions of people, if it wasn't for all the side effects: erectile disfunction, lower testosterone, kidney disease, muscle atrophy, type 2 diabetes, elevated liver enzymes, cancer just to name a few. This offsets any potential benefit.
If not LDL, then what elevates the risk for heart disease. Clotting factor increase the risk for heart disease. Dr. Diamond shows several triggers for clot formation, mostly obesity/metabolic syndrome and high serum glucose levels.

David Diamond on Deception in Cholesterol Research: Separating Truth From Profitable Fiction

Excellent talk by Dr. David Diamond about how we were all deceived about cholesterol and the benefits of statins. Using math tricks, results were blown up to scare patients and doctors.
Following standard nutritional advice, Dr. Diamond experienced how his own triglycerides kept going up, his HDL going down. His doctor recommended a statin, but Dr. Diamond decided to read some studies first. He was surprised to find out, it was the bread that raised his triglycerides, not the butter.

David Diamond, PhD -- Dietary Sense and Nonsense in the War on Saturated Fat

Is saturated fat to blame for heart disease and obesity?
Dr. Diamond shares his personal health journey. Despite following the guidelines, his lipids kept getting worse and his weight increased. A 1968 study prompted Dr. Diamond to investigate the role of carbohydrate in weight gain.
Dr. Diamond shares the results of his research. Saturated fats were demonised following a single flawed and cherry-picked study. Unfortunately, to this date nutritional guidelines and advice by health organizations are based on the hypothesis that saturated fat causes heart disease.