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Being on a healthy diet expands much further than just choosing high quality foods. As if that wasn't difficult enough. We also try to eliminate other toxins from our diet. Toxins that aren't necessarily obvious at first sight.

Toxins from non-stick cookware: Non-stick coating isn't toxic, but once it scratches, it releases fumes that we breath in and that also might end up in the food we cook. Therefor we only recommend ceramic coating, cast iron or carbon steel. The waffle makers are coated with non-stick, but there are no reasonably priced options available. Waffle makers are an essential tool for Chaffles (cheese waffles with limitless options from savoury to sweet, also replacing bread).

Toxins from plastic are in the news a lot. Once BPA was identified as a toxin, the industry quickly shifted to BPA free plastic. Unfortunately, that doesn't make plastic safe, as unidentified toxins may still leak into food at room temperature. It is best to replace plastic with silicone or glass. The recommended water bottle has a lid that ensures that the water does not come in contact with plastic.

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