Nina Teicholz

Red Meat and Health

Is red meat bad for you? Does red meat cause cancer?
This message is repeated often and fiercely, but there seems to be no meaningful evidence to support it.
Nina Teichholz exposes the myths surrounding the negative effects of red meat and why epidemiological science fails.

The Big Fat Surprise

Why fats are not the enemy they were portrayed to be. Nina Teicholz makes the argument that modern nutrition science, over the past 60 years, has been wrong about dietary fat. She argues that eating fat is essential to good health, and that the saturated fats, as found in meat, cheese, cream and eggs, are the whole fats in whole foods that are essential for good heath.

The Silencing of Science

Excellent talk on how scientists are silenced in nutrition science. Nina Teicholz answered questions in the chat.