What is so BAD about sugar? by Dr Benjamin Zacherl

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What is so BAD about sugar?

We have all heard that sugar is bad for our health.

If you are Diabetic, it's a constant focus. It literally becomes your entire life: avoiding it, measuring it, looking for substitutes.

Recently, I was asked by a new member of the Ironclad Immunity Community about this: "Why is sugar so bad?"


There are many different kinds of sugar. What we refer to as table sugar is chemically called "sucrose." Sucrose is made of two other types of sugar: Fructose and Glucose

FRUCTOSE + GLUCOSE = SUCROSE (common table sugar)

Glucose is familiar to most people. It is what we measure when we measure blood sugar. We will come back to this later.

Fructose is found in fruits (hence the name). It is also used in High Fructose Corn Syrup, the common ingredient in many sweet drinks and foods, such as soda or candy. HFCS is well known to be very unhealthy, especially for the liver. It is a common cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is because it is very difficult for our bodies to process. After all, it is so unnatural. Due to its "unnaturalness,"... even bacteria have a more difficult time breaking it down, so things made with it are much more "self-stable." Factories LOVE this about HFCS; it causes the products they put it into to last longer on the shelf. Longer lasting means more profit... even if it hurts the health of those that consume it.

Fruit is another source of Fructose. Fruit is how fructose was discovered and where the name comes from: Fructose. Fructose changes how the liver processes things, and this causes different reactions with glucose and insulin. The end result is that the body stores more fat when fructose is present.

It has been postulated that this is a natural, normal response to fruit due to evolution: eating fruit triggers fat storage. Why? Because fruit is the literal synthesis of the sun's energy. We cover this in-depth in Ironclad, but I will summarize it here. The fruit we eat comes from the sun's energy synthesized with water and nutrients in the plant. As the plant grows, it has evolved to create juicy, tasty fruit so that animals will eat it and spread the seeds inside the fruit in another area when it defecates. In a natural seasonal environment, fruit is available as part of the seasonal life cycle: a few weeks of sweet abundance, then it fades away only to return the following year.

In our current human society, this season has been extended with greenhouse techniques, a world transport economy and genetic manipulation of plants. We have fruit all year round, which is simply unnatural in size. Further, we are told that eating fruit is healthy... yet what we eat is so far removed from what we were intended to consume naturally. Fruit, in this regard and in modern society, is unnatural. We have literally helped Diabetics reverse their Diabetes that was caused almost entirely by FRUIT!

What is the natural effect then, of eating this sweet abundance? In nature, the fruit we eat triggers a storage response of fat. This is normal and natural because we want to save as much fat as possible for the "rough winter days" ahead... or times of famine. Our ancestors, who could store fat effectively, survived the deep winter days or challenging times. Those that could not effectively store this sun's energy weren't around to spread their genetics... they didn't make it. So this fat storage ability is essential from an evolutionary perspective.

There is, however, another very, very important reason we store fat:


When blood sugar is raised by eating foods with sugar, our body releases the hormone "insulin." Insulin bonds to the outside of the cell and allows it to "open its doors" to let sugar in. Sugar goes into the cell from the blood, thus lowering the amount of sugar in the blood, causing the fat cell to grow more extensive (making us "fatter"). The odd thing here is that not every cell is the same. Some cells do not need to "open their doors" to sugar since their doors are ALWAYS open, like your neurological tissue (brain and nerves). When a cell gets too much sugar inside it, the cell will die. For this reason, having high blood sugar causes all kinds of health problems.

Why Sugar is so bad for us:

Not only does the person get fatter, but they also fill their brains and nerves with sugar that can even crystalize in the cell. The nerves eventually die, causing lots of neurological pain and tissue death. High blood sugar levels cause inflammation in many other structures, like heart arteries, leading to atherosclerosis. Your cells that fight immunity are also affected: meaning you get sick much more often, have more auto-immune issues, and cancer too.

The body knows that high sugar levels are toxic, so insulin is always released to keep blood sugar levels under control. Insulin works much like a key, fitting into the lock of the cell. If the lock is triggered to open too often, the lock "wears out." The same insulin key will not open the cell door as wide, meaning less sugar can enter the cell. We call this "insulin resistance." It means that the same amount of insulin has a weaker effect in reducing blood sugar.

The medical model for treating this is to test how "insulin resistant" a person is... often by challenging the patient's system by giving them pure glucose in a fasted state and seeing what their blood sugar does. More sugar leads to more insulin resistance, leading to the eventual need for more insulin to force the cells to open more. It becomes a vicious circle of cells now responding and the increasing demand for more external insulin to get a reaction... especially because external injected insulin doesn't fit the lock as well as your naturally made insulin does. So you need even more to get your blood sugar to drop.

The Solution:

The medical model of injecting insulin creates the need for regular insulin and an entire host of medications to deal with the created side effects and other health issues. It really is a vicious circle that is deadly and TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

Using insulin is not the best way to beat Diabetes.

There is another way that many have found: change your diet and lifestyle, and you can save yourself!

You can get off the medications. Stop all the nerve damage and avoid a terrible future. It is possible in a totally 100% natural way because your blood sugar comes from what you eat. Stop eating what you should not, and start eating what you should, and your Diabetes will reverse.

All of this is, of course, very easy to type... but challenging without the proper support. Sadly, many programs do not work for Diabetics because they fail to realize that Diabetes is a problem more of addiction to sugar than anything else.

We recognize this in Ironclad Immunity and have a 100% success rate in reversing Diabetes in our members. We work with the source of the problem: the addictive mind, and make changes and transformations there. Your mind literally becomes your body over time since every cell is built from the things you eat and drink. Making the right changes in your mind reverses Diabetes and saves the life of the Diabetic.

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Yours in health!

Written by Dr Benjamin Zacherl
Published: October 29th, 2022

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