Why are most people unhealthy?

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If you want to know why 88% Americans are metabolically unhealthy....
by @Mrsollozzo

A recent UNC study revealed that over 88% of US Americans are metabolically "unhealthy."

Five factors determine your metabolic health:

✅ blood glucose
✅ triglycerides
✅ high-density lipoprotein cholesterol
✅ blood pressure
✅ waist circumference

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We are the unhealthiest we have ever been in recorded history.

This is a fact - not an opinion.

We pat ourselves on the back for being the smartest animal & apex predator, however we are the only animal that does not know how to regulate its own weight.

Below are a few reasons as to how we have gotten ourselves into this metabolic crisis.

The beautiful part to this whole situation is that there is a very simple solution that we can all choose to participate in.

I will disclose that at the end.

For now, please carry on.

60% of our calories are coming from "ultra-processed" foods refined from their original state.

These products are laced with industrial oil, sugars, and cheap commodities designed for cost, not with your health in mind.

The average American now consumes 17 tablespoons of added sugar every day.

We are in an epidemic of "Sweet Poison."

We have learned how to sneak sugar in the form of many other names as well:

We optimize for convenience and speed rather than quality of ingredients for our children:

We replaced healthy animal fats with refined & industrial seed oils.

These oils are found in literally everything... Sauces, Dressings, marinades, chips, etc. Check almost any product found in the inner aisle of the grocery store.


We pulled the Saturated Fat out of our food and replaced it with refined carbohydrates and sugar.

10 companies control 33,000 products found in the average grocery store.

There is now an "illusion of choice" with the food you are eating.

We have allowed billionaires to gain serious influence over the food we are eating.

They treat food like patented technology and are looking to control that technology.

HINT: Many of these companies are anti-meat. Bill Gates' radical menu for food systems: ultra-processed foods, patents, monocrops

We demonize red meat for what processed food has done to us.

We have forgotten that Red Meat is some of the most nutrient dense food we can put into our body.

Check out some of the macronutrients found in a 100g serving of ribeye:

We have allowed companies like Oatly to raise millions of dollars and nutritionally psyop a generation of people into thinking that almond & oat-based "milks" are healthier than bovine milk.

By the way, we have thrived off of bovine dairy for centuries.

We allow our children to watch dozens of television advertisements for foods high in sugar & fat.

The average child will see 23 advertisements for junk food per day on TVs, iPads, and phones.

Predatory behavior.

F***ing, predatory.

Our airports and gas stations are not intended for transportation or fuel.

They are junk food emporiums with no real food in sight.

You're literally better off not eating.

Our Farmers are incentivized to grow corn, wheat, and soy.

These three products fuel the Industrial / Processed Food complex as we know it.

Farmers are not incentivized to deploy best practices - in fact it's the exact opposite.

All of our small farms are disappearing - or at least the ones you would want to buy from:

We push plant-based narratives around nutrition to our children, even though we know animal-protein / saturated fat intake is critical to human brain development.

Yes, this is happening in NYC public schools thanks to @NYCMayors' Meatless Mondays & Vegan Fridays.

Our tap water is no longer safe to drink and loaded with radioactive contaminants.

We no longer have seasonality when it comes to our fruits & vegetables.

We have outsourced our ability to cook to profit-driven companies that are using the cheapest ingredients to maximize their own profits.

We believe that "Calories in / Calories out" determines our health.

Guess who is funding and sponsoring many of these campaigns?

Raw Milk (as God intended) is not legal in multiple states, however you can buy this in any 7/11 convenient store:

HINT: There are 40g of sugar per bottle.

Do you see the common themes here?

We have f***ed with our food more than nature ever intended.

We chose to fill our bodies with "food-like substances" made in a laboratory that combine variants of corn, wheat, soy, refined sugars, seed oils, and other artificial ingredients.

We are allowing the corporatization of food to control our lives & our families.

We are fighting a losing battle here. Over 40% of children are overweight or obese which is simply unacceptable.

To quote the great @modernTman, we are in the midst of a food-driven genocide.

It's time for us to break free.

Start cooking your own meals - to break free.

Start eating real foods - to break free.

Start eating meals with your family every night - to break free.

Start buying from your farmer - to break free.

We must act with intention and decentralization when it comes to our food.

Food is the energy we choose to nourish our bodies with. It was never intended to be controlled by a publicly-traded company.

The choice is yours.

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Written by @mrsollozzo
Published October 22nd, 2022