Fighting The Migraine Epidemic

Complete Guide - How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medications by Angela A Stanton, Ph.D.

Angela A Stanton, Ph.D, is a scientist, working on helping migraine sufferers all over the world to learn how to abort and prevent their migraines by nutritional means.

Migraine is greatly misunderstood by doctors and scientists, primarily because they aim to treat symptoms rather than the underlying cause. I have been a migraineur since my early teens, and I spent the past 15 years trying to understand what migraine is.

The human body is organized so that one part can send signals to another seemingly unrelated part when in trouble, so the pain location may not help much in finding the cause. The brain is especially unique.

Given the lateralization of the brain, meaning each side is responsible for different functions, and that there are no pain sensors in the brain-all pain sensation is felt by nociceptors located on the meninges, a thick several layers worth of tissue separating the brain from the skull-whatever pain we feel is independent from its location in the brain. The pain cannot tell us anything at all. However, the symptoms can, because of the lateralization of the brain.

For example, if a migraineur loses speaking ability, it is the left side of the brain where a special region (Broca Area) is responsible, so we know where the problem is located. This lateralization and the pain sensory nociceptors on the meninges also mean that the pain is not only one sided (unilateral) but it is not a throbbing pain. These two points are quite in contrast to most medical definitions of migraine. Below you see a diagram taken from my book that shows various headache types. The one I circled is migraine headache.

It is accepted that migraine has a strong genetic foundation, so one can search the Human Genome Database1 for migraine genes. We think of genetics as the key to our body and our future but that isn't so. Genes need to be expressed. The expression of a particular gene is dependent upon the expression and many other genes, and each of these gene expressions is dependent upon the environmental pressure placed on them. This is referred to as epigenetics. And we can see that in the case of migraine too, these epigenetic forces play a huge role. For example, while all migraineurs are born with the migraine genes, most migraineurs don't start migraine right after they are born. Clearly, something in the environment drives when we get our migraines. And these environmental drivers are active all through our lives and we have control over them.

I have come to resolve my migraines and by now many thousands of migraineurs migraines as well by the processes defined in my book Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide. How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicines.

It is key to understand the following facts:
  • Migraineurs are carbohydrate intolerant2
  • Migraineurs have hypersensory neurons3
  • Migraineurs have more connections among their sensory neurons4
  • Migraineurs have different voltage potentials in the brain5
  • Migraineurs need more salt in their diet6,7

Migraine is completely preventable by a low carbohydrate diet, be it low carbohydrate with high fat, carnivore, or ketogenic diet. Migraineurs need much more salt than other people do.

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Written by Angela A. Stanton, Ph.D.
Published August 27th, 2022

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Angela A Stanton, PhD has earned her doctorate in NeuroEconomics (experimental neuroscience using economic models) and is also fMRI certified, in addition to having earned the following additional degrees: MS in Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University, MBA at University of California, Riverside, BSc in Mathematics at UCLA. Her doctors research focused on understanding how human decision-making is influenced by hormonal and neurotransmitter changes. She ran experiments and clinical trials, gaining an appreciation of the role neurons play in emotional and physiological decisions. A lifelong migraine sufferer, in 2008 she took early retirement from her academic position and has been an avid researcher in the field of migraines. Her efforts of understanding the cause of migraines have been assisted by thousands of migraine sufferers around the world. In 2014 she published the first, and in 2017 the second edition, of the book (Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide. How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicines) that established her as a leader of the field of migraine research based on nutrition and electrolyte management. She now teaches migraine sufferers and healthcare providers all over the world about how to abort and prevent migraines without any medicine.

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