Carnivore vs Herbivore

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Are we meant to eat plants?

Something I find entertaining is the endless arguments about humans being herbivores sprouted out of the vegan, food religious groups and now we can add Bill Gates into the mix.

The challenge when it comes to vegetables is the unlearning and relearning that vegetables and their nutrients are just unavailable these issues include the fact that most of the nutrients in plants are poorly absorbed by the body, as well as the fact that many plants have chemical defence mechanisms (called antinutrients) that can prevent the absorption of nutrients and even make you sick - so yes, your green smoothies bombs maybe actually causing your brain fog, depression, joint pain or any other array of funky symptoms with no specific origin.

Can a human survive eating only meat?

Yes, there have been many historical tribes of humans who subsisted on a meat-only diet that showed no signs of ill health until the introduction of the western diet foods.

An animal-based life encourages you to have an overall much healthier lifestyle. Indeed, you will be cutting down on alcohol, sugars, carbs, processed foods, and seed oils.

What's more interesting is there are no humans on this planet who have survived a plant-only diet approach, we are carnivores by nature, omnivores by necessity, vegans by ideology.

We as a species thrived until only recently with the mass diet changes which have been pressured on us by nutritional ideologues and the power of Big Food Giant messaging regarding climate change. So, is eating meat bad for the planet?

Raising and eating animals does not have to harm the planet nor is it bad for your health. In fact, farms that raise cattle in a species-appropriate manner sequester more carbon dioxide than they produce some amazing resources to learn more are Sacred Cow and Kiss the Ground.

Switching to eating an animal-based life, will help you build back and heal from the damage a lifetime of real poor eating has done to you both mentally and physically and the link between food and mental health is nothing new.

We live in a time where the food industry and certain government agencies have gone haywire by promoting meatless products that look like real food but aren't.

There have even been discussions of taxing meat for the sake of reducing carbon emissions. And back to Bill Gates who now wants to grow meat in labs that are then made in factories! And I sit here thinking, WTF is wrong with you people?

Every species on this planet has a species appropriate diet humans are no different.

Bottom line.... red meat and organs are and always will be the real superfood.

How did we get so disconnected from reality and the knowledge of what is a species-appropriate diet based on millions of years of evolution?

Written by Natalie E West DCht, IICT
Instagram: @natalie.e.west
Published June 4th, 2022