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My low carb Journey

A few years ago, I heard some rumbling about intermittent fasting. But didn't have a complete picture. So decided to do some research. That is how I came across Dr. Jason Fung and The Obesity Code where I proceeded to look at the reviews. Wow! Tens of thousands of people couldn't be that wrong!

I remember like it was yesterday. I downloaded to my Kindle after dinner and started reading it. I read till 3 am. It was brilliant; it made so much sense! And so brave; it dismantled the see-through scaffolding built by Big Pharma, Big Food, AMA, AHA, ADA, (plus all the other alphabet soup medical associations), and government created dietary guidelines to reveal the truth about their assertions. "The emperor has no clothes."

The Change

And so it was, in the autumn of 2019, that after reading TOC, I began my journey into the low carb, IF lifestyle. Along the way I came across other fasting experts and began to follow them and read their works as well.

In a few months I lost the excess weight, lowered my A1c from 6.0 to 5.2, and the same amount of thyroxine I had been on for over 30 years, was suddenly too much. Could it be that the Hashimoto's autoimmune disease I developed while pregnant with my youngest son was now reversing?

Thinking back to my early thirties, there was a two-year period where I was in the hospital several times. Yes, twice it was to deliver my wonderful sons, but also twice with agonizing gall bladder attacks, the second of which resulted in gall bladder removal. Then, the Hashimoto's diagnosis, and the need for daily thyroxine.

What I learned

From my research in the last couple of years, I now know that high insulin can cause a whole lot of havoc in our systems, including thyroid (Hashimoto's) and gall bladder problems. So, my high insulin didn't start a few, or even several years ago. It started way back in my youth.

I didn't look like someone who would have metabolic dysfunction. I was very thin. In high school I was on the track team. But I often had hypoglycemic episodes. All I had to do was have waffles or pancakes for breakfast and I would have a crash. So, of course I stopped eating those things for breakfast. But I would still have hypoglycemic episodes following carbohydrate consumption. So even though I didn't look like it on the outside, in the inside, the metabolic disease had started.

We now have tests which can diagnose Hyperinsulinemia and Insulin Resistance before the onset of metabolic-related diseases make it obvious. My hope is that others who have access to those tests will avail themselves to testing and begin to heal their bodies sooner rather than later. Or at the very least, adopt a low carb, no snacking lifestyle with breakfast being optional. The current, "three meals a day plus snacks" recommendation is a recipe for illness.

The good news is that with fasting and low carb eating, I reversed most of my health problems. I now feel great, enjoy vibrant health, and have a full, active life, including "giving back" by supporting others looking to heal their own metabolic issues through this healthy lifestyle.

Written by Silvi Honey
Admin, Intermittent Fasting & Low Carb Women on Facebook
Published: April 30th, 2022

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