How to do Keto when life gets in the way

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Busy life, too little time?

We all have those days. Nothing is going right and even if we had 30 hrs in a day we still couldn't get everything done. If any of you are involved with social media around the start of every New Year's Resolution and new diet, then you know what I mean. We are swamped. I love it. I love all the new faces and voices, but it is extra work.

Our own families are going through holidays and there's extra cleaning, and extra prepping of food and it can just abut bury the best of us.

I'll let you on a little secret ...

The absolutely easiest way to do keto is Carnivore. For slightly more variety you can try Ketovore.

Once or twice a day grill a nice steak add some eggs and butter or olive oil and you are done. Fast to make, and fast to buy.

Other options?

I understand that not all of us may want to eat that way. Some of us like a little more variety, although I could live off of ribeye steak every day, I do like my avocado and enjoy cream in my coffee.

So how do you do it? How do you make the homemade mayonnaise and from scratch keto mug treats and egg white protein bread? Confession, I don't. I don't try to force a strict clean way of eating on days or weeks where life is just too busy.

I love my straight from the farm, free range chicken eggs and meat but I just could not fit the 50 minute drive round trip into my last 2 weeks. These are the times I give myself a break. I give myself permission to eat a little less clean, eat pre-made foods and even convenience foods.

Giving myself permission

My grocery store that's 5 minutes from me has 2 different types of organic cage free eggs. 5 minutes is much closer, much faster. My gas station that is only 2 minutes away has hard boiled eggs already cooked in a package. I have given myself permission NOT to feel guilty if my choice is a gas station hard boiled egg or a gas station candy bar and I choose the egg.

How do you continue to eat a keto lifestyle when life gets in the way?

You pick your battles. It's ok to eat already cooked hard boiled eggs if you don't even have the time to boil and peel your own. It's ok to go through a drive-thru and get a bunless hamburger or grilled chicken sandwich. To make it even more convenient buy 2-3 days worth of precooked meat through the drive-thru.

Tips when time is short:
  • Buy pre-made foods
  • Keep homemade frozen meals handy
  • Buy the new frozen keto and low carb meals
  • Buy keto friendly fast food
  • Sign up for a meal delivery system. You still need to do the cooking but you'll save time at the store.
  • Grocery stores now have preprepped entrees, a nice stuffed salmon paired with bagged salad is big time
  • Charcuterie. The latest snack craze can be your entire meal.
  • Protein drinks like Keto Chow shakes are great to get a healthy amount of macros in and enjoy a smoothie at the same time
  • Keto Bricks
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Store bought salad

I am not saying we should eat like this everyday, but sometimes life gets in the way.

My favorite time saving keto choices right now are grass-fed beef sticks, seaweed sheets, individual cheese sticks, individual cups of black, or green olives, individual bottles of unsweetened tea, and LMNT for my water, Keto Brick for my treats, Keto Chow to get a full meals worth of macros in.

Next week I can go back to my clean strict keto way of eating, but I'll keep the Chocolate Malt Keto Brick, the Natural Strawberry Keto Chow and Chocolate Mint Salt LMNT.


Written by Joy Sypher
Published: January 15th, 2022