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How I can help you fight cancer

I have cancer. I'm doing amazing with this challenge and owe much of it to the ketogenic diet. Let me share with you how this all took place and where I'm at today.

In late January I felt itching on my skin I've never felt before. After a few days of this, I noticed my skin color was changing, too. I was becoming jaundiced. What was causing this?

I bought anti-itching creams, drank teas that would help my liver, and yet the problems persisted. I knew I had something that I couldn't cure from sweating it out in the bathtub. Something was up with my body. I went to the doctor to find out what was causing my body to change.

My doctor stated that it appeared to be a problem with the liver, so scheduled some blood tests. When they came back, my liver enzymes were off the charts and my bile count was very high. My doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist.

"You have a tumor"

The gastro doctor, or Gastro Guy as I call him sent me to get an MRI. When the results came back he called me and stated, "You have a tumor."

My "tumor" was choking off my bile duct and causing a lot of bile to dump into the bloodstream. Also, it was causing problems to my colon which wraps near the gallbladder and liver. I never felt any of this going on until it had cut off the bile duct.

I am a very calm and laid-back person. My first thoughts were: okay, I have a tumor, how do you get rid of a tumor? I started my search using "doctor" Google and ended up on a page that talked about diet and tumors. I didn't know if what I had was malignant.

When you're diagnosed with a tumor or cancer or any major challenge, family and friends will have a million pieces of advice for you. Some told me to travel to Tijuana for coffee enemas and green drinks. Others said to eat only greens and alkalize the body. I knew I want to go down the path of scientific research and proof where case studies had been done and more than a few people had found great results.

The keto path

On the Google search results, I saw a Scientific Paper on the Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet and Cancer. The study had shown results in people who had tumors/cancer by following this strict diet and some form of additional action to kill off cancer cells.

I read everything I could get my hands on regarding this novel approach. I watched dozens of videos on YouTube made in recent years about this keto and cancer and starving cancer using a ketogenic diet. The whole field began to fascinate me!

The very next day I decided to dive deep and change to a strict ketogenic diet. Let me tell you, it was a huge change for me, but I knew that if this was cancer, it was going to be as devious as it could be, to take over. I had to be as determined to fight it. Being disciplined to follow a diet that may save my life was an easy choice.

This diet follows some interesting macros. It's a 4:1 ketogenic diet, which means for every gram of protein, you have to have 4 grams of fat. That's a lot of fat! But I knew I had to do whatever it took.

In April I had a needle biopsy which showed the tumor to be malignant. This further fueled my interest in creating for me a protocol that would heal me and give me the energy I needed. Since February, I had lost weight (partially due to the diet) and had a loss of strength.

Options beyond keto

As much as I knew the ketogenic diet was giving me amazing numbers for my blood work, I searched further to see what could make this journey better. I found that fasting played a huge role in healing cancer. I studied the different ways fasting was used and began to create my own "protocol".

In addition to fasting, exercise and proper sleep gave my body what it needed to repair and heal. This is not to say that every day I get in a good exercise routine, or can sleep optimally, but I have my guidelines set - measure and log everything - and can quickly see where I need to improve.


Supplements also play a big part, to a point that I know a few of the key supplements make a huge difference.

In every area, including the clinical ketogenic diet, I researched hours, weeks, and months employing the help of others, eventually building a team of people who are constantly helping with the latest scientific findings in cancer research. I found nutritionists, naturopaths, personal trainers who I could rely on to send any finding in the area.

This whole journey has led to a constant and never-ending improvement of my "protocol" which has given me the amazing results I've enjoyed this year.

The cornerstone, I know, is the ketogenic diet. Without it, none of the other pieces will work. The ability to allow the body to use ketones as fuel and operate efficiently, at the same time starving cancer cells that have little ability to use ketones for food and fuel due to their damaged mitochondria is the very basis of reversing this disease.

Early on I decided that if I found a way to help people with the same challenge have a safe and less harmful way to allow the body to make repairs and reverse disease that I would make it a mission to spread the word. The diet works and has truly helped me. I use it along with the other factors I mentioned to keep heading toward total remission. Let me know if I can help you.

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Published: December 4th, 2021