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I'll never forget seeing that message from my Mom: please call, bad news.

My Uncle wasn't healthy ... you could take one look at him and you knew it. He was very overweight, he struggled to move around and lived with lots of pain.

He struggled with his Diabetes too. Where he didn't struggle, was in business or with his family. He left behind lots of people who loved him and lots of wealth too.

All that money and love could not stop the disease that took his life: Diabetes. He had the "best" medical care money could buy ... yet he never mastered eating and thinking, and it killed him.

Not long after his death, I began to see similar signs in myself, in my health. I'm a Doctor, so seeing these symptoms in me was, well, scary. I bet most people wouldn't realize what they meant. I was tired after eating ... and sometimes SUPER hungry. I couldn't go too long without eating. I would get "hangry" too. My emotions would be all over the place. I got sick a lot too ... had much more pain in my body and joints. And then there was the weight gain: I looked and felt terrible. I had to go pee all the time. I would wake up very early without knowing why. My training had taught me that this might be related to my blood sugar.

And I KNEW what I was supposed to do. I was a DOCTOR, after-all ... yet I struggled all the same. And I had a heaping serving of shame to go with it all.

What changed my course?

Everything changed when I got the call though ... my Uncle had passed unexpectedly. My Mom always told me how similar we were. How I "ate" like him ... just like he did.

Not long after this, a world pandemic started. I was grieving and something just clicked. For the first time in my life, I realized

  1. If I didn't change, I was going to die.
  2. Being unhealthy wasn't just about ME anymore. I knew the same things that triggered my weight gain also effected my immune system. I was sick all the time with colds and flus ... but suddenly being overweight could be deadly.

I have a family that needs me. I have patients that need me ... and they need me healthy so I can't infect them. I have a community that relies on me. I have so much potential and an amazing future ... if I could get this Diabetes thing in check.

Finally, I was ready to do whatever it took to get this mastered. I invested in the right mentors who gave me different pieces of the puzzle.

When I put the pieces together, I got IRONCLAD IMMUNITY.

I lost 60 pounds. I transformed how I felt. I broke my addictions to food and anything I used outside myself to change my state. I figured out what humans were really meant to eat and I figured out HOW to get them to eat that way. I cut through all the confusion and distraction and conflicting messaging about health and immunity.

And I did this all without setting ONE FOOT in the gym. If you can sit and stand, you can do the Ironclad Program. I did this all without one pill. I did this with myself first ... and then with others.

My advice to you is simple: take this seriously. There are 5 things I had, I did, and my most successful clients do to reverse their Diabetes and get their life back:

  1. Ironclad Honesty: You need help. This is serious. Your meter isn't lying, nor is your scale. If you don't get help you are lost.
  2. Ironclad Awareness: There ARE people who have mastered this. They know things you don't. The reason you are sick is KNOWN, whether you want to believe or accept it or not.
  3. Ironclad Reboot: You need a TRANSFORMATION not more INFORMATION. This is experiential and you must be guided through it.
  4. Invest in Mentors who know the way home. You cannot do this alone. You need the transformational power of a group to help you that is guided by those who know the way.

I'm sharing this with you in honor of my Uncle Tom. This is the anniversary of his death. May he rest in peace and may the lessons he taught me help you now!

With love,
Dr Ben


Written by Dr. Benjamin Zacherl
Ironclad Immunity
Facebook: Ironclad Community
Contact: ben@iqwellness.nl
Published: November 27th, 2021