If You Give a Keto'er a Cookie ...

Photo by Christina Branco on Unsplash


If You Give a Keto'er a Cookie ...

... They'll want to set it on the counter but realize the counter still has 2 pounds of cooked bacon cooling on the racks.

They'll go to put away the bacon in the freezer and remember they needed to order more bags for the seal a meal.

They'll sit down at the computer to order the bags on Amazon and see the Amazon Fresh Delivery order with the Organic Heavy Whipping Cream and the Organic avocados still in the cart.

They will remember that the local farm closes in 30 minutes and they wanted to pick up another 2 dozen pasture raised, farm fresh eggs.

They'll head out to the car and see the hiking gear still in the trunk from the trek they did last weekend and bring it in to wash the lightweight jackets and remember that they wanted to wash their back up pair of gym shoes.

They'll head upstairs to get their back up pair of gym shoes and see the basket of towels that need to be put away.

They'll open the linen closet to put away the towels and find the extra bags to the seal a meal they ordered last month and take them down to the kitchen. They'll walk into the kitchen, see the bacon still on the counter, wonder why nothing has been done and they've been busy all morning.

They'll put the cookie in the trash and pick up a piece of bacon and while munching on bacon they'll start cleaning up the mess.

To sum it up: Don't give a Keto'er a cookie.


Written by Joy Sypher and Roxana Soetebeer
Published September 25th, 2021