Keto on a Budget

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When people first learn about keto, it's easy to get the impression that keto is expensive. They see others purchasing expensive keto products and only organic, grass-fed, pasture raised produce.

But keto doesn't have to be expensive. While grass-fed, grass-finished beef and organic produce are optimal, Keto isn't only about the highest quality food. It's about not eating junk food, eating low carb, eating healthy fats.


Here is where you can save:
  1. Commercial keto products are often laden with harmful ingredients. Skip them. They are not healthy. There are only few exceptions. Anything with the name keto on the label is probably marked up in price. Keto is trending, so the food industry wants a cut and is flooding the market with awful products. It is basically the same trap we were lured into before. Most keto products are hyperpalatable and highly processed junk.
  2. On keto, people tend to eat food that is more nutrient dense. Fat and protein trigger satiety. So, while whole food is a little more expensive, we need less food to nourish us, so it doesn't necessarily increase the grocery bill.
  3. Try fasting. The rule that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, isn't a rule at all. It is a clever marketing gimmick invented by breakfast cereal producers to market their product for an easy convenient breakfast. Skip breakfast and save that money.
  4. Add non-starchy veggies. Veggies are full of nutrients and fibre. Skip pre-packaged and pre-cut; they just add to the price without adding nutritional value.
  5. Buy in bulk, especially when on sale. If you have a freezer, you can buy in bulk and save it for later. If the bulk deal is too much food, try buying with family or friends.
  6. For most people, a healthy keto diet improves their health and gets them off some or all medications. Not having to spend money on meds is a huge savings. You will feel much happier too. It's a win-win.
  7. Cheaper meat cuts are often healthier and more satiating, because they contain more fat. Go for roasts over steaks. Pork chops and chicken thighs are great ways to save. Whole chickens are usually cheaper than cuts of chicken.
  8. Eggs are a superfood. They are highly nutritious and have the best protein profile of all foods. And they are cheap. Eggs can be made into many delicious meals. I even started using a raw egg as my coffee creamer following this video by Neisha Berry.
  9. Try organ meats. They are natures multi-vitamins and cost a lot less. They can be incorporated in stews, stir fries, or mixed in with hamburger and bacon. They are not only richer in nutrients, but also cost a fraction of premium cuts.
  10. Frozen is often cheaper than fresh. It's convenient to store and won't spoil, eliminating more food waste.
  11. Use leftovers for your lunch the next day or freeze it for another day. It's less food waste and much healthier than buying lunch from a canteen or fast-food place.
  12. Check with a local butcher, whether they have animal fats they would throw out. You can render your own fat. It's cheaper and much healthier. You can even buy chicken feet and make your own bone broth. Very cheap and full of collagen.
  13. Look for local farmers. You might be surprised that lots of meat cuts and eggs are cheaper than in the grocery store. They might also be able to hook you up with bones for broth, fat to render and inexpensive organ meat.
  14. Look for international and ethnic stores. Fresh fish and veggies are 1/3 of the cost in large chain grocery stores at my local Mercado.
  15. Check the local farmers market for seasonal foods.
  16. Meal planning can help reduce food waste. It also makes it easier to buget for the week.
  17. Buy nuts in bulk.
  18. Don't eat out. In general, the food quality in fast food places and restaurants is poor. They use see oils and are overpriced.
  19. Graze in your own backyard. Purslane is a superfood and found in many grass yards. It has a sharp sour taste that goes well in salads. Purslane can be purchased at many markets for $ 2-3/pound  or found next to the dandelions and clover.
Meal ideas for keto on a budget:
  • Chicken stir fry
  • Omelet
  • Beef stew (add organ meats)
  • Egg roll in a bowl
  • Broccoli cheddar cheese soup
  • Egg drop soup


More ideas

Caesar salad with chicken, cheddar and bacon


Cucumber chicken salad with broccoli and sour cream


Tacos on lettuce leaves


Pork chops with broccoli, cheddar sauce and sour cream


Taco salad


Zucchini boats with chicken and broccoli


Bacon and eggs


Eggs with homemade mayo


Crispy bacon snacks


Final thought: Keto is an investment in your and your family's future. Health is invaluable.


Written by Roxana Soetebeer
Published September 18th, 2021