Diabetes Mellitus:

Through Time,

What To Do About It,

and How You Beat It!

The cause of Type II Diabetes is known. There is really no question about it: how a human eats causes Type II Diabetes.

But if it's so simple, why is the disease exploding across the planet? Why is there so much conflicting information about what to DO about Diabetes?

Diabetes history:

The name of the disease: Diabetes Mellitus, comes from Greek word for "filter" and the Latin word for "sweet". This is because the way a doctor diagnosed it, in ancient times, was through tasing the urine of the patient. (We doctors are sure glad those days are gone!) It seemed pretty simple, stop the sweet, stop the disease.

Early treatments

From Medical News Today:

The early Greek physicians recommended treating diabetes with exercise, if possible, on horseback. They believed that this activity would reduce the need for excessive urination.

Other treatment options have included:

  • a "nonirritating" milk-and-carb diet, for example, milk with rice and starchy, gummy foods "to thicken the blood and supply salts" or milk and barley water boiled with bread
  • powders of fenugreek, lupin, and wormseed
  • narcotics, such as opium
  • foods that are "easy of digestion," such as veal and mutton
  • rancid animal food
  • tobacco
  • green vegetables
  • a carb-free diet
  • fasting

One doctor recommended a diet consisting of 65 percent fat, 32 percent protein, and 3 percent carbohydrate. However, he advised avoiding fruits and garden produce.

Various experts have also recommended several chemicals and drugs, including ammonium sulfide, digitalis, magnesia, chalk, lithium salts, and potassium salts.

Doctors did not always agree on which diet or drugs to use as a treatment. Some also recommended lifestyle measures, such as:

  • exercising
  • wearing warm clothing
  • taking baths, including cold baths and Turkish baths
  • avoiding stress
  • wearing flannel or silk near the skin
  • getting massages

These ways of managing diabetes did not prove particularly effective, and people with this condition experienced severe health problems.

Higuera, V. June 17th, 2020. Diabetes: Past treatments, new discoveries. MedicalNewsToday. Retrieved July 27th, 2021, from https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317484

The above passage, from "Medical News Today" has been included to show a very important point about the treatment and authorities within the Diabetes world.

One doctor advises a low carb diet, yet it was cast in a negative light because it advised avoiding fruits and garden produce. Another doctor recommends chemicals. Yet another herbs, and yet another prescribes medications and other drugs. This was true in ancient times ... and still true today.

One would think that time would change this ... but unfortunately, various opinions are still the norm. There are still SO MANY different pieces of conflicting advice.

Challenges in Scientific Studies

Having participated in scientifically studying something at the publication level, I understand the struggles of the average person when it comes to the data. It must be really confusing for the lay person. One of the biggest misunderstanding with science is the different KINDS of studies. Is it theoretical? Meaning does X do Y? or say, Clinical: IS this an effective, re-producible, SAFE way of doing it. Not every study is created equal, nor are the results or the interpretation of it.


How can you trust the results of the study? There are lots of examples of studies being faked or data being manipulated. Bias, or the fact the person doing the study can influence the results is a common, well-known problem. Statistical models can help with this. Having the same study be done over and over with the same results helps too. As does doing the study on a LARGE scale. All these things cost tremendous amounts of money. Who has that? The companies that make BILLIONS on the treatment of Diabetes: Big Pharma, the medical conglomerate, and even the food industry itself. With all this BIAS, how can you trust any of the studies? You can't. But never fear, you don't have to there is an easy simple way to KNOW.

For me, a doctor who works with this ... it's frustrating. The confusion around this disease pisses me off, to be very frank.

WHY? Because Diabetes is one of the simplest diseases to treat, if you know how. And the consequences for not treating it are severe: from weight gain and constant bathroom visits ... to getting sick all the time and various infections ... to losing feeling in your body as your nerves give out ... to losing fingers, toes, and then entire limbs ... to losing your life! And worst of all, or maybe BEST of all, is that this fact:


Your blood sugar readings can be measure and monitored, you will KNOW what works for you and what doesn't.


Why? Many disease processes are vague. They are exist on self-reported spectrum of "I think I feel better" ... or, the pain is gone. This makes studying them challenging. It's tough to measure your results with that kind of disease based around pain.

But your blood sugar readings, when seen across time, never lie though. They will tell you how you are doing. And not just that, but the numbers on the scale do not lie either. Your pant size, how you feel, your energy levels, etc. The way you feel about life, your mindset. Are you starving all the time? Do you feel free or like a slave to your new unwanted burden?

Your Blood Sugar Never Lies:


The right diet and lifestyle, reflect success 100% of the time.

There is a simple solution to the Diabetes puzzle.

There are things that can be learned from the ancient times: lifestyle and diet were the treatment.

And it makes sense really.

Sweet urine, which is caused from advance stages of the disease when, your kidneys start failing, comes for what you are eating. "Stop the sweet, stop the disease." (Of course, many many things that most people eat might not taste sweet, but become sweet when digested.)

We, at Ironclad Immunity, teach this natural way of beating Diabetes. Our successful philosophy is mirrored in so many other experts who help Diabetics BEAT the disease.

The MDs who defy Big Pharma:

Dr. Jason Fung
Dr. Alan Goldhamer
Dr. Sarah Hallberg
Prof. Tim Noakes

Warriors for what actually WORKS

Dr. Ken Berry
Dr. Sten Ekberg

Though there are some differences in their advice, they all say very similar things. So, if Ironclad and so many other experts advise very similar advice that scientifically shows Diabetes can be reversed forever, why so much confusion?

The answer?

There is big BIG money in the treatment of Diabetes ... not the CURE of the disease. It's an expensive disease that makes astronomical sums of money to certain businesses. Due to it's progressive nature and that is attacks literally the entire body, you become a great patient for the medical system. Once you are diagnosed, everyone has a cut in your future. This is not to say that the medical professionals, dieticians, and other experts are out to get you. No, they are just following their training and doing what they were taught. The same mega-corporate strucutures help create the disease by adding sugar to everything. Then their pharmaceutical branch treats you for it, until your death.

Most people are totally unaware of the entire teams of food psychologists and master marketers these companies have. They work together to make the products almost essential. They get you as a baby with their formula. They get you at every holiday, birthday, and even your breakfast (walk through the cereal aisle at any grocery store). They sit at the highest levels of government and ensure their interests are fulfilled. They train the Medical Doctors, Dieticians, and write the Biology books.

The Ironclad Immunity Community

What is Ironclad Immunity?

Ironclad Immunity is an exclusive group of health seekers. We come together to help each other live a different lifestyle. We are all graduates of the Ironclad Gauntlet, or the Ironclad Crucible. Both are 3 month programs where you are taught to break free from the lies you have been fed. We focus on TRANSFORMATION, not dry information. We do it together. This creates a community of men and women who want to live their healthiest and best selves.

What makes Ironclad unique is we are more focused on TRANSFORMATION than anything else. We take you through the process and teach you WHY you have been failing. For example, we teach you:

Ironclad Awareness

Why do you eat the way you do? Why do you find this thing delicious and avoid that?

Why do we have Turkey at Thanksgiving, birthday cake and ice cream? Why do we eat three meals a day? How come I only eat certain things with certain people? WHAT IS REAL HUNGER vs FAKE HUNGER?

It is impossible to change something you are unaware of! To become truly aware of the what and the why makes you FREE!

Ironclad Presence

The true secret to what we do is our emphasis on meditation and mindfulness. Though it is something you must be taught and practice, it is incredibly powerful and transformative. It is the reason 100% of our members transform forever. They reverse their disease and it isn't even HARD.

Ironclad Benefits - Mental

Ironclad Presence - Daily meditative practice - You have an internal calm that gives you more focus - This creates better ideas for your business - now you can easily take your business to amazing new levels!

Ironclad Awareness - No more shame about food and no more feeling of "missing out" because you are on a diet - You enjoy what you eat and don't feel bad about yourself when you eat - You can ENJOY food again

Living Ironclad - Having the right knowledge that actually works to take with you the rest of your life - You know how to get healthy and stay that way - This empowers you to choose a weight that works best for you and stay there - You don't ever have to DIET again, this saves tons of money and makes eating easy, giving you more energy and time.

Ironclad Benefits - Physical

Ironclad Weightloss - You feel better, daily life is much less taxing, you have less pain in your body - As the weight and pain decrease, you are naturally motivated to work out and exercise and don't hurt after - Every day is easier, you are healthier, feel better, and have more energy.

Ironclad Metabolism - Freedom from Diabetes - You don't have to be constantly obsessed with Diabetes anymore, your blood sugar and all the drama surrounding the disease - You have a bright future free of Diabetes instead of a future full of concerns, costs, and pain - You are FREE! You have the tools and know HOW to beat Diabetes forever

Ironclad Digestion - Problems like stomach cramping, diarrhea, Irritable Bowl, Crohn's, etc. resolve: No more stomach cramps, using the toilet isn't an adventure, things settle down and stools are normal again - better digestion leads to more energy and more enjoyment in living your life, your body heals faster and better - You are grateful, life is just better with less pain and you are free to do what you want again.

This is an example of what can happen when you follow the right plan.

Ironclad Honesty

There is one common thing every Diabetic who beats Diabetes has: they recognize they have something that NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH.

They are honest with themselves that they need help. Their motivations comes from many places, but the first step is always the same: I need to deal with this.

Not all are ready for this though. We see lots of potential candidates who we don't accept because they just aren't ready to change. We give everyone our time, but know that sometimes things need to get bad enough for someone to be open to a new way of doing things.

That can be a scary step, or require them to humble themselves when they don't want to. They have to be open to a new way of doing things and surrender to the mentorship ... take the coaching.

We've found that MOTIVATED men and women show up, follow through, and do what is necessary. This is why everyone of our clients succeeds! We have not had one client stay Diabetic. Every single one has reversed the disease!

I have a vision of a world without the horror of the end stages of Diabetes. The impact the disease has on every part of your body is terrible. Lowered immunity leaves you sick all the time and the weight gain leaves you feeling like crap too. I see it all around me in the world today ... it's literally everywhere and getting worse.

It's not their fault though ... not really. Most people are simply unaware of what its REALLY going on. I cover this more in depth in our webinar: the 5 shifts to reversing diabetes.

Diabetes is simply unnecessary. There are ways of eating that reverse it 100%. There are ways of thinking that make this easy ... if you know how! 

Your meter always tells the truth, as does your scale and your health in general.

The big takeaways for you:
  1. The cause of Diabetes is no mystery: what you eat and drink.
  2. Success here is easy to measure.
  3. There are GREAT success stories. It is POSSIBLE TO BEAT THIS!

In closing, I'm going to share with you something I teach all our clients, during the first lesson:

The Ironclad Timeline

Basically, the past and the future do not exist. All that is, IS the now. In this moment, your brain is firing to create the understanding of what you are reading. There is only ever one moment that progresses through time. The past doesn't exist, then, nor does the future.

To understand this in an experiential way gives you great clarity and great power to CHOOSE. It is an essential part of what we teach. It is Ironclad Presence.

It helps our Initiates learn to let go of their slips and mistakes and begin again, in every day and moment. Let go of the past and start again, today, on what we teach you.

So you, dear reader, let go of your past.

You know what you need to do, and if you don't, then you need to ask for help ... that is step one.

But if you DO know what you need to do, just start doing it. Let go of the past and begin again, in each moment, anew.

(A daily meditation practice helps a ton with this!)

And while the past does not exist, the decisions we make in this now DO affect our future. The future you is growing from every moment. The things you eat and drink today become your future body. What you consume will also show up in your meter and they will be seen in your health. While there are many opinions out there, and various "experts" ... there is surely no debate about this: that what works and what doesn't is easily proven.

Measure yourself often.

Get help if you need it!


Good luck my friend!


Written by Dr. Benjamin Zacherl
Ironclad Immunity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ironcladimmunity
Contact: ben@iqwellness.nl
Published: August 28th  2021