Everything in Moderation - A Rant

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Everything in Moderation?

"I don't like to restrict myself. Everything in moderation."

Let me say there is no definition for moderation and in fact moderation is BS!

Eat a moderate diet --- get a moderate amount of disease.

Or, would you rather not have these diseases at all?

If you eat the moderate Standard Australian Diet, make moderate changes, you'll most likely get average, moderate results... type 2 diabetes or autoimmune issues and eating 'everything in moderation' may actually lead to worse mental and metabolic health.

An unhealthy diet is like smoking cigarettes. You just need to quit.

You wouldn't tell a smoker to cut back on smoking or to smoke moderately, you'd tell them to quit.

Don't use 'everything in moderation' to justify eating and drinking whatever you want. You'll most likely get yourself into trouble that way and I don't want that to happen to you. Instead of moderation it's time to eliminate.

The thing is study after study after study has told us that this doesn't work.

The entire concept of everything in moderation is based on good marketing and that the idea that food is just calories, and calories are just a measure of potential energy that the body takes in and burns off.

There's nothing else in there that is causing anyone any issues other than simply overeating. As I have discussed before in other posts, it's not your lack of willpower, its science working against you. Those foods are designed so you can't "just stop at one" because of that reward centre in your brain.

Leading you to eat more, buy more, eat more, buy more ... and the cycle continues. At the root cause food communicates with your brain. When we have sugar, salt hyper processed food, the reward centre in the brain lights up making it incredibly hard to stop eating. So, the next time someone tells you "everything in moderation," realise that they aren't speaking from a place of information. They're spouting off a belief that has never proven to work.

Have you seen anything worth doing that was achieved through moderation?

If it did, would we have the decline in mental and metabolic health we have today?

Written by Natalie E West DCht, IICT
Instagram: @natalie.e.west
Published September 24th, 2022

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