Getting rid of Diet Brain

How I went from Reactionary, to Proactive, to Predictive with my keto lifestyle and my chosen Way of Eating

I was completely reactionary on my diet. I was tired of running around putting out the fires that my out-of-control eating created. I was tired of finding out after I had eaten something that it had bad ingredients in it and had more carbs than I expected.

I had to get control somewhere. I felt overwhelmed and alone.

Reactionary me:

Forgot to eat before I left for errands. Went through drive thru fast-food restaurant and ordered grilled chicken breast without the bun in a lettuce wrap. I'm feeling pretty good about my choice even though I know there are carbs in the chicken, and I forgot to ask for no sauce again. Diet Coke to drink. Eat 3 of the grandson's chicken nuggets because one grilled chicken breast doesn't fill you. Eat the fries you find on the bottom of the bag.

Proactive me:

Forgot to eat before I left for errands. Archer Farm's grass-fed beef sticks are now stocked in every purse, diaper bag, and glove compartment. I'm a little proud I remembered to boil 2 eggs and bring them with me. I eat the beef sticks and the two hard boiled eggs I brought with me. Cold water to drink. I also eat 3 fat bombs I have in the diaper bag for emergencies because 2 eggs and a few beef sticks is not enough food.

Predictive me:

Recognizes that I leave to run my errands at 10 a.m. everyday and adjusts my eating window to accommodate. Being predictive in my Way of Eating has shown that I want to break my fast 3 hours after waking. Get up earlier or eat earlier were my options.

My eating window of 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. is great for eating dinner with the family. My new eating window of 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. is great for me. I eat 2-3 eggs, 2-3 slices of bacon, 3 oz avocado, 3 green olives. Somedays I add in 5 oz of steak or chicken breast. Coffee with heavy whipping cream to drink. I head out on my errands at 10 a.m. satisfied and happy. I bring cold water to drink.

I spent so many years trying to lose weight by starving myself. I have lost weight following a point system. I have lost weight eating cabbage soup for 3 days. I gained everything back and more. I hated salads. I hated exercising. I blamed the fat in my foods for my weight gain. I spent Sunday nights eating all the things I would be denied Monday morning with my next new diet. I was out-of-control and my A1c was climbing.

My plan:

Armed with 15 years of Type 2 Diabetes research and a few YouTube videos under my belt I set about switching my mindset.

  • Step 1. Tracking. I downloaded a new app just so I could start fresh and new somewhere.
  • Step 2. I went shopping and loaded up on meat, eggs, dark leafy greens, heavy whipping cream, KerryGold butter, avocados, macadamia nuts and olive oil.
  • Step 3. Sunday night I ate a normal meal. I prepped a week's worth of cold green tea and grilled 2 extra chicken breasts.
  • Step 4. Monday morning, I made my bacon and eggs, sat down to drink my coffee and add my meal to my new tracker and ... Wait? ... What? I have to leave already? I grabbed fast-food on the way home from picking up the grandson and vow to start fresh again tomorrow.
  • OK Step 4 again. I get 2 eggs out and leave them on the counter as I sprint out the door to pick up grandson. We eat fast-food on the way to preschool, and I vow to start again tomorrow.
  • Ok Step 4 again. I get up earlier. Boil 2 eggs and add beef sticks or beef jerky to every purse, diaper bag and glove compartment. I sprint out the door to get grandson taking eggs with me. We get to preschool early since we didn't have to go through drive thru. The grandson throws a fit because he didn't get to eat his 1 bite of hash brown he never finishes.
Diet Brain - How it tricked me:

As you can see, it took a long time to recognize the failing points of my new way of eating. I was thankful and blessed to see lower fasting blood glucose. A renewed sense of purpose and watching family members struggle with critically high blood sugars spurred me to sit down and work out a way that I can be successful. Why was I struggling every morning to get out the door on time? I got up early. I made portable breakfasts. I added protein drinks and meats to the car for easy eating. Then it finally hit me. I had Diet Brain!!!

Diet Brain tells me I can't eat fat. Diet Brain tells me I can't eat in the morning because I have to save all my points for my after-dinner treat. Diet Brain was telling me not to get full. Diet Brain was still controlling me.

I kicked Diet Brain out. I started eating earlier. I ate till I was satisfied. I gained control and switched my brain from out-of-control Reactionary mindset to a Predictive mindset. Proactive me is also pretty competent, but predictive me sees that this Sunday hubby will be flying out of town and need a ride to the airport and plans meals accordingly.

Anyone who is struggling on their journey, please join our Facebook group for support and ideas to stay on track.

Written by Joy Sypher
Published September 11th, 2021