Homemade Sour Gummies

Sour gummies have always been a special treat. Anything commercially available though is either high in sugar or tapioca fibre. Tapioca fibre has basically the same insulin and glucose response as sugar, so these gummy candies are not an option.

I came across a recipe for gummies that were made with jello. Artificial flavours and sweetener is not a good idea while trying to improve insulin resistance and healing inflammation.

So, I replaced the ingredients with real foods and added heavy cream for satiety.

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Quick notes about the ingredients:

Organic freeze dried raspberries: Nutritionally they are just as good as fresh raspberries, probably even better. I never have to worry about them getting spoiled.

Organic freeze dried blueberries: Technically they are not keto compliant, because the sugar content is too high. IMO they are worth the exception, as they will not cause me to go in a carb binge, and I am making these gummies every other month.

Ascorbic adic: That's vitamin C powder. The more you use, the more sour the gummies will be.

Organic gelatin: I prefer organic gelatin, as it is healthier.

Sweetener: I use Lakanto. It is a monk fruit / erythritol blend. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that does not trigger an insulin and glucose response for most people, except when fasting.
You can also use plain organic Erythritol. It won't taste different in this recipe, but I prefer Lakanto for just about anything else, so I keep that one in my pantry.
For this recipe Allulose is actually the better option, as it doesn't crystallize when it cools down. It is a rare sugar that the body cannot metabolize. Unfortunately Allulose causes me to have intense stomach cramps, so that is a no go for me. Most people tolerate erythritol better.

Heavy Cream: I recommend using heavy cream without carrageenan. Degraded carrageenan is harmful for health. IMO there is a good chance that it degrades in the digestive system. I can't prove it, but like to be rather safe than sorry.

The square silicone mold I use is more practical than gummy bear molds. It takes forever to fill the gummy bear molds, but is an excellent idea to keep little kids busy.

Ingredients: Cooking instructions:
  • in a saucepan slowly heat all ingredients except heavy cream until the mix is steaming
  • take the saucepan off the heat, add heavy cream and stir till blended
  • pour liquid into silicone molds (squares or gummy bear form)
  • They will be solid after about 2 hours in the fridge

Yield in square silicone mold: 40 gummies. A serving of 5 has 1 g carb, 1 g protein, 7.5 g fat.

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