Creamy Keto Chow Coffee

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Creamy iced Keto Chow coffee with egg as a creamer

Coffee has always been a daily staple in my family.

I thought it was great news when my hepatologist explained that coffee helps the liver. Something I loved that was also tasty.

Looking into the benefits of coffee, I learned that it needs to be organic coffee. Decaf has the same benefits, but it also needs to be organic and water filtered. This is also know as Swiss water filtered or water processed. If this isn't specified on the label, it is processed using harsh chemicals and should be avoided.

I used to put heavy cream in my coffee. During my strict dairy free carnivore trial I gave up cream and looked for a replacement. I tried black, I tried butter, I hated both.

I use a wide mouth 3-cup silicone cup with some extra room. Smaller cups will spill over. Wide cups are easier to use under the coffee maker.

My choice of coffee maker is the Keurig. For coffee I usually get Kirkland Medium Roast and Van Houtte Swiss Water Decaf. The single servings are convenient. With the Keurig My K-Cup Universal Reusable Filter you can continue to use your favourite coffee brand.

Quick notes about the ingredients:

Keto Chow Shakes: Keto Chow shakes are great meal replacements with clean ingredients. They can be used as shakes or used in recipes. In our blog Cooking with Joy, Joy Sypher introduces her favourite recipes using Keto Chow shakes.

Eggs: Try finding pasture raised eggs from a local farmer. Grocery store eggs are great too, but the fat profile is not quite as good.

Coffee: Organic coffee for best benefits.

Decaf: Organic and water filtered.

Optional sweetener. I honestly think this creamy coffee is sweet enough, but if you like it sweeter, I recommend these sweeteners:
Liquid Monkfruit. Easy to dose with no off taste. The liquid form instantly dissolves. Powdered forms often contain fillers like dextrose (pure glucose). It's better to avoid those.
Lakanto. It is a monk fruit / erythritol blend. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that does not trigger an insulin and glucose response for most people, except when fasting.
You can also use plain organic Erythritol. It won't taste different in this recipe, but I prefer Lakanto for just about anything else, so I keep that one in my pantry.
Allulose is another option. It is a rare sugar that the body cannot metabolize. Unfortunately Allulose causes me to have intense stomach cramps, so that is a no go for me. Most people tolerate erythritol better.

To froth the egg, any cheap milk frother from the grocery store will work. But they eat batteries like crazy. And the power really isn't there. I got tired of the low power and got this rechargeable milk frother. It comes with a case, an egg beater, and can be taken on trips.

Ingredients: Preparing Keto Chow creamy coffee:
  • Use a 3 cup container with room like this to beat the egg with a milk frother.
  • Set your single cup coffee maker to 12 oz. and strong, and keep frothing the egg while the coffee pours in.
  • While doing that, add 1/2 serving of Salted Caramel Keto Chow and the optional sweetener.
  • Then I add 1 or 2 cups of ice and spoon off the foam. The foam is delicious BTW.
  • The last step is to pour it into my 26 oz. Yeti tumble and enjoy it with a silicone straw.
Other great Keto Chow flavours, for delicious creamy coffee:

Nutritional info per creamy coffee as described: 0.8 g net carbs, 19 g protein, 5.5 g fat, 137 calories.

One raw egg

Egg beaten with a milk frother

1/2 serving of Salted Caramel Keto Chow

Frothing while hot coffee pours in

Adding 1/2 serving of Salted Caramel Keto Chow

Keep frothing while the rest of the coffee pours in

Combine frothed creamy Keto Chow coffee and ice

Scoop of foam - it's delicious

Pour into big mug or tumbler

Finished creamy iced Keto Chow coffee


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Written by Roxana Soetebeer
Published April 6th, 2022

Salted Caramel Keto Chow

Salted Caramel Keto Chow